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Powerhouses and Benchwarmers

BitSight analyzed the cyber security performance on the most well-recognized athletic conferences in the nation - the SEC, ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and Ivy League. The member schools of these conferences are large-to-medium sized universities that hold a wealth of information on their networks, from student and faculty personal and credit information to valuable intellectual property. While securing campus networks introduces a whole host of unique challenges, such as BYOD culture and multiple access points, some schools rise to the challenge and others fail to make the grade when it comes to cyber security performance. 

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Will Healthcare Be the Next Retail?

BitSight analyzed the security performance of S&P 500 companies in four key US industries- finance, utilities, retail and healthcare. Whether it be credit information or patient data, these companies are tasked with safeguarding extremely sensitive and valuable records. In our analysis, we reveal that while some industries are living up to the challenge of protecting their networks, others are falling behind in the area of security performance.

Security Effectiveness of Industries explored in BitSight report

What industries have the best security posture?

Register to download and learn about our key findings, which include: 

  • How the finance sector fared under a year of intense attacks
  • A surprising discovery for the technology industry 
  • Which industry is quickest to respond to new attacks
BitSight Assesses the Cyber Health of US Economy

How Strong is the Cyber Health of the U.S. Economy?

BitSight analyzed the security performance of 460 organizations in the S&P 500 and discovered a startling trend— though financially strong, the nation's leading organizations exhibit severe weaknesses in their security postures.  



Case Studies

Learn How Roanoke College is Benchmarking Security Performance with BitSight

Liberal Arts Institution Roanoke College Utilizes BitSight Security Ratings to Gain Strategic Performance Insights

Download this case study to learn how Roanoke College adopted BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking to gain strategic insights on their performance relative to peer institutions. This information, along with tactical data that helped to remediate threats as they emerged, allowed the CIO to better communicate information security objectives to key decision makers in the college. 

Security Ratings Case Study for Banks

North American Bank Adopts BitSight Security Ratings for Vendor Risk Management

Download this case study to learn how BitSight Security Ratings for Third Party Risk Management allowed this bank to continuously assess the health of their information supply chain, from a security risk perspective, and drill into specific areas of interest.

Learn How A Major Private Equity Firm is using BitSight to Manage Portfolio Risk

Private Equity Firm Measures Security Risk with BitSight Security Ratings

With numerous investments, how can a private equity firm manage cyber risk across an entire portfolio of companies? Download this case study to learn how one major American private equity firm is using BitSight Security Ratings to manage and identify cyber risks across their entire investment portfolio. 

BitSight Medical Manufacturer Case Study Benchmarking to Manage Security Risk

STERIS Measures Risk Levels in its Primary and Composite Networks

Read this case study to learn how a BitSight customer compared its information security to its competitors and potential acquisitions via Benchmarking, and clearly communicated its top-notch performance to executive management.

BitSight Financial Services Case Study Managing Vendor Risk

Global Financial Firm Reduces Risk of Third Party Breach

Read this case study to learn how a BitSight customer gained insight into their partners' security postures, reduced their reliance on manual assessments and questionnaires and enabled their team to make risk-based decisions in line with their business objectives.


Data Sheets

security rating for mergers and acquisitions data sheet

Security Ratings for Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies have insight into financial, legal and other risks during the M&A process, but are often times operating in the dark when it comes to cyber risks. Download this data sheet to learn how organizations are using BitSight Security Ratings to assess and manage their cyber risk during the M&A process.

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking

Security Ratings for Benchmarking

Without a quantified baseline, continuous measurement, and comparative data, executives cannot measure the impact of risk mitigation efforts or assess performance against industry peers and competitors. In order to proactively mitigate risk, you need automated tools that continuously measure and monitor your security performance. Download this solution sheet to learn how BitSight has solved this complex problem with Security Ratings for Benchmarking.

Learn how BitSight Security Ratings can help your Credit Union identify and mitigate risk.

Security Ratings for Credit Unions

Security and risk teams in credit unions understand the increasing amount of regulations and risks present. BitSight Security Ratings can help you noticeably improve your information security, so your clients' data is safe and higher-ups at your company are happy with your work.

Want to understand more about how BitSight can help your credit union? Download this data sheet.

BitSight Security Ratings for Cyber Insurance Data Sheet

Security Ratings for Cyber Insurance

With the frequency and sophistication of security threats growing daily, insurers need evidence based security ratings to fully understand the security posture of companies before and after an underwriting decision is made. Download this data sheet to learn how BitSight can help.

BitSight Security Ratings for Third Party Risk Management

Security Ratings for Third Party Risk Management

BitSight Security Ratings for Third Party Risk Management enables organizations to identify and manage the risk associated with sharing sensitive data with business partners. This automated service analyzes, rates, and monitors partners’ security effectiveness, all from outside the company being rated. BitSight’s data-driven ratings provide organizations with the insight they need to proactively and continuously manage third party risk.  Download this data sheet to learn more.

Learn more about BitSight Security Ratings

Security Ratings Overview

For years businesses have relied on credit ratings to assess and manage financial risks.  Now, BitSight has introduced Security Ratings to help organizations do the same with their security risk.  Download this overview to learn how Security Ratings are calculated and how other companies are using Security Ratings to identify, quantify and mitigate cyber risk in their ecosystem.


White Papers

Can You Easily Quantify the Security Performance of Your Vendors?

Continuous Third Party Security Monitoring Powers Business Objectives And Vendor Accountability

As attackers more commonly breach corporate networks, companies have realized the importance of strong third party information security, especially for a company's vendors. With so many third parties involved, it can be difficult to manage them all. IT decision-makers are looking for more automated solutions to scale their effort, and they require good data to accomplish that goal.

Download "Continuous Third Party Security Monitoring Powers Business Objectives And Vendor Accountability" to learn how other companies are continually monitoring third party risk.

This white paper details:

  • The top concerns of IT professionals
  • How IT has been incorporated into more lines of business
  • Which types of risks IT professionals are most interested in tracking and managing
  • The disconnect between the desire for continuous monitoring and the types of tools used to gather data.
Is Your Latest Acquisition Target as Valuable as You Think?

Is Your Latest Acquisition Target as Valuable as You Think?

Download "Cybersecurity Is Essential for M&A Due Diligence" to learn how BitSight can help you examine the risk your latest target poses to your information security (and potentially your bottom line). This white paper covers:

  • How cyber security can affect the valuation of a company
  • How expenses can pile up after an acquisition if a proper cyber assessment isn't done ahead of time
  • A look at the three ways companies can evaluate a company's information security.
Making Risk Management More Effective with Security Ratings

How Can You Improve Your Security Risk Management?

Download "Making Risk Management More Effective with Security Ratings" and learn how BitSight is revolutionizing the way organizations manage security risk.  This white paper will explain

  • the difficulties and limitations associated with current methods of assessing security risk
  • why compliance mandates in multiple industries are looking towards more frequent assessment to manage third party security risk
  • how daily BitSight Security Ratings are generated using externally available internet data 
  • the ways forward thinking organizations are using Security Ratings to proactively manage security risk, including benchmarking and third party monitoring
Download this whitepaper to learn how cyber insurance underwriting has evolved

Cyber Insurance Underwriting: A High-Tech, Evolving Discipline

This whitepaper details the recent history of cyber insurance underwriting, predicts which direction the market may go in the future, and also lists types of tools that current insurance executives believe would make their job easier.

ESG Brief Utilizing Security Ratings to Mitigate Enterprise IT Security Risk

What do organizations need to address dangerous cyber threats?

In this ESG Brief by Jon Oltsik you will learn how Security Ratings are providing enterprises with the intelligence needed to:

  • Continuously measure and compare network security risk against peers, competitors and other business partners
  • Proactively identify & respond to cyber threats throughout the extended enterprise 
  • Deliver objective and timely performance metrics to boards and executives to keep them informed and engaged with security strategy
Securosis Threat Intelligence for Ecosystem Risk Management

Threat Intelligence for Ecosystem Risk Management

Download this white paper by Securosis analyst Mike Rothman and learn

  • how to systematically assess third party security risk in your extended network
  • the value of a quantified, comparative approach to assessing risk levels
  • why the challenges risk and security teams face in trying to make these assessments have opened the doors for solutions like BitSight Partner SecurityRating.
Eric Johnson White Paper: Information Security Risk and the Need for Quantitative Ratings

Information Security Risk and the Need for Quantitative Ratings

M. Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University's Owen Graduate School of Management, examines the need for objective security ratings. Read to discover how he applies learnings from the credit rating industry to the field of security risk management.



BitSight Security Ratings Technical FAQ

BitSight Security Ratings Technical FAQ

Download the Security Ratings Technical FAQ to get answers to questions like:

  • What is a Security Rating?
  • How are Security Ratings calculated?
  • How is the security event data collected?
  • How are IPs mapped to an organization?
Retail Security Ratings Infographic

Infographic: Are Retailers More or Less Secure Now than Last Year?

Download this infographic to find answers to these questions 

  • Has security performance improved?
  • How are breached retailers performing now?
  • Are third parties leaving retailers exposed?
  • What risk vectors are causing concern?
Download the Ripple Effect Infographic to learn why Vendor Risk Management is important

Infographic: The Ripple Effect | Breach Impact Across Retailer's Business Partners

Learn how a major data breach in a retailer's network impacts banks, card processors, payment networks, suppliers and insurers.  Third party risk management is essential to reduce security risk in the extended enterprise.

BitSight exposes the security risks in third party networks

Infographic: Security Risks in Third Party Networks

Are you aware of the security risks in your third party networks?  Download this infographic to learn some startling facts about partner data breaches.