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If more than half of an organization's endpoints are outdated, its chances of experiencing a breach nearly triples. 

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Are Data Breaches Actually on the Rise?

Ryan Heitsmith | August 11, 2017

Security media is pervaded by seemingly ever-increasing and ever-worsening reports of data breaches at businesses ranging from your mom-and-pop corner store to large retail and internet giants. But how accurate is the perception that...

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A loss trend can be defined as a projected loss expectation based on historical data. If you find that past losses might be indicative of potential future losses, you can then use this information to price your services accordingly. 

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In today’s world, organizations must be extremely conscientious about their vendors. It is just as important to be aware about the security of third-party networks as it is to be aware of their own. In April 2017, Netflix’s new season of...

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Meet Our Engineers: Kevin Amorin

Bryana Dacri | August 2, 2017

Want to know what it’s like to be an engineer at BitSight? Check out this Q&A with a member of our engineering team to learn about his role as an engineering director, his experience, and more.

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