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Read about the latest cybersecurity news and get advice on third-party vendor risk management, reporting cybersecurity to the Board, managing cyber risks, benchmarking security performance, and more.

12 Daunting Ransomware Statistics

Between the massive WannaCry and NotPetya attacks of 2017, which reached businesses across the globe, ransomware is on the minds of many security professionals. Interest continues to increase as ransomware evolves into one of the most...


Ransomware Cyber Attacks: Which Industries Are Being Hit The Hardest?

Ransomware is rapidly becoming one of the most common forms of malware distributed on systems all over the world.


Assessing the Global Impact of WannaCry Ransomware

Since our initial post during the breakout of WannaCry ransomware, our Research & Development team has learned more about the spread of this malware. While the outbreak of this ransomware surprised the entire security community, the amount...


Understanding the Effect of DoublePulsar and WannaCry Across Industries is the Key to Protecting your Supply Chain

The Shadow Brokers, a hacking group known for releasing exploits and vulnerabilities allegedly used by the National Security Agency (NSA), published a cache of tools over a month ago on April 14th. This release had initially caused panic...


5 Examples Of Sensitive Data Flowing Through Your Network (& How To Protect It)

As a security professional, it’s critical to understand the many ways data could be inadvertently exposed. But first, let’s define what sensitive data actually is, as people often have different ideas. 


BitSight’s Response to “Cloudbleed” and a Framework for Addressing Third Party Vulnerabilities


As we discussed in a previous blog post, Cloudflare suffered a serious bug that caused private information from any Cloudflare customer and their users to be publicly leaked onto websites that had corrupted web content. Any person with...


Cloudbleed: Breakdown of Cloudflare's Memory Leak

On Thursday, February 23rd, Cloudflare announced a serious bug in its caching infrastructure that caused uninitialized memory to be printed on a number of its customers’ websites. This information included sensitive data such as passwords,...


Ragentek Android OTA Update Mechanism Vulnerable To MITM Attack

In this article, we will be detailing an issue we discovered affecting a number of low-cost devices. It allowed for adversaries to remotely execute commands on the devices as a privileged user if they were in a position to conduct a...


DROWN: Breaking Down The Latest TLS / SSL Vulnerability

A new security vulnerability in an older version of TLS / SSL was announced this week and has been named “DROWN” by its authors (Decrypting RSA with Obsolete and Weakened eNcryption). It’s estimated to affect up to 11 million servers using...

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