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What Is A Security Rating?

Joel Alcon | January 19, 2017

A BitSight Security Rating is a simple way to understand and assess the cybersecurity posture of an organization or an organization’s vendors. It helps answer a number of critical cybersecurity questions:

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Over the past couple of weeks, a major issue has surfaced affecting numerous companies that use MongoDB to store their data. Those who install MongoDB on a server and use default settings are exposing their data to the internet and...

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On February 12, 2013, President Barack Obama issued Executive Order 13636, “Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity,” which called for collaboration between government and the private sector to create a set of standards for...

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A View into the Dark Web

Joel Alcon | December 22, 2016

There is a parallel universe in the cyber world known as the “Dark Web.” It’s a part of the Internet inaccessible via standard browsers or search engines, and it’s where cyber criminals share botnet kits, trade bitcoins, and recruit other...

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Vendor security is becoming a focal point of risk management for many organizations. In many ways, this trend started with the Target breach from 2013, which highlighted the extensive financial and reputational impact of a third party...

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Ransomware's Impact On Government Cybersecurity

Joel Alcon | October 27, 2016

In our most recent BitSight Insights report, we discuss the pervasive issue that is ransomware. The report states that education has the highest rate of ransomware across all industries—and government comes in second. 

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Hackers look at ransomware as a quick payday, so they are very opportunistic in terms of their ransomware attack strategy. They cast a wide net, but tend to focus on target industries they think are more likely to click their links.

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Organizations have come to depend on cloud service providers for key services - from email and domain registrars, to payment processors and certificate authorities. According to the 2015 Cloud Computing Survey by IDG, 72% of organizations...

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BitSight Insights: Risk Degrees of Separation

Joel Alcon | February 17, 2016

On October 15, 2015, UltraDNS experienced a technical issue that led to a widely publicized outage, bringing down websites for Netflix, Expedia, and others for over an hour. In a separate incident on April 8, 2015, Sendgrid, a cloud-based...

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