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Data Breaches Within the Retail and Hospitality Industries

The holiday season is upon us, with consumers hastily laying travel plans between time spent browsing for gifts for loved ones. During this season, a few also remember that major retail breaches have long-lasting and far-reaching effects...


A Tale of An Industry: The Finance Sector & Data Breach Type Trends

September marked a month of heated discussion concerning data privacy issues, with continuing coverage in the media regarding breaches at major, global institutions. BitSight looked into the types of breaches experienced by the finance...


Are Data Breaches Actually on the Rise?

Security media is pervaded by seemingly ever-increasing and ever-worsening reports of data breaches at businesses ranging from your mom-and-pop corner store to large retail and internet giants. But how accurate is the perception that...


7 Of The Best Outlets For Data Breach News

Staying up-to-date on the latest data breach news is something most security professionals want to do more of. These seven outlets make finding information on data breaches and analysis therein much easier. We’ve listed them below—take a...


New Research: W-2 Phishing Scams Increase During Tax Season

Stress and worry are emotions that are often linked with the period between the beginning of a new year and mid-April, the federal tax filing deadline. Modern technology has brought with it techniques and applications that reduce this...


Red Cross Data Breach: How 550,000 Australian Donors Were Exposed

In 2015, the Australian Red Cross contracted with a web development company called Precedent to create a new website. Unfortunately, the vendor left sensitive donor information from the Red Cross in a backup database on a public-facing...


How Point of Sale Breaches Happen

In recent weeks, the security news has been dominated by announcements of data breaches resulting from Point of Sale (PoS) malware present on payment processing terminals. All 350 North American Eddie Bauer retail locations and 20...


The FDIC Breaches: Uncovered

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation was brought into existence in 1933 in the wake of catastrophic bank failures that occurred during the Great Depression. The FDIC’s most recognizable function is insuring deposits up to $250,000,...


2015 Publicly Disclosed Breach Data

In 2002 California became the first state to pass a data breach notification law, requiring companies doing business in the state to disclose any breach of the security of computerized data including personal information. The law went into...

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