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Read about the latest cybersecurity news and get advice on third-party vendor risk management, reporting cybersecurity to the Board, managing cyber risks, benchmarking security performance, and more.

Using Security Ratings to Drive Organizational Performance

An increasing number of security and risk teams are using security ratings to effectively assess the impact of their security programs as well as communicate changes to key decision makers — like the Board of Directors. These teams know...


BitSight Raises $60 Million in Series D Funding To Further Cement Status as Security Ratings Leader

Last Thursday, BitSight announced the closing of our Series D Round of funding. Not only is this important for our company, it is also extremely significant for the security and risk market as a whole.  


What to Expect in Your CISO’s Cybersecurity Presentation

As a member of your company’s board, you know that cybersecurity is a critical risk that simply cannot be ignored, and that should be reported on regularly by the appropriate executives. According to the 2017 NACD Director’s Handbook on...


BitSight Insights: Beware the Botnets

Today BitSight published our most recent BitSight Insights report, Beware the Botnets; Botnets Correlated to a Higher Likelihood of a Significant Breach. Within this report BitSight has identified a solid correlation between botnet...


BitSight Insights: Powerhouses and Benchwarmers

Assessing the Cyber Risk of Collegiate Athletic Conferences

It is no secret that America's colleges and universities hold a wealth of personal and sensitive information that is frequently targeted by cybercriminals, as evidenced by some...


SEC places security on the board agenda

Comments by Securities and Exchange Commission official, Luis Aguilar, further fueled the debate about the role of the corporate board in addressing cybersecurity risk.  The board already has a risk oversight responsibility, so in theory...

Investors DO Care About Data Breaches

I just read a good article with a controversial title by Eric Chemi in Business Week, "Investors Couldn't Care Less About Data Breaches." Chemi asserts that based on the current stock behavior of eBay and the prior stock activity of...

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