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Read about the latest cybersecurity news and get advice on third-party vendor risk management, reporting cybersecurity to the Board, managing cyber risks, benchmarking security performance, and more.

Creating a Cybersecurity Awareness Culture at Financial Institutions

Banks and other financial institutions have always been burdened with a greater need for security than other industries. In the past, that meant hiring 24/7 guards and locking cash away in reinforced bank vaults. Today, it means having...


What Now? How to Execute the Cybersecurity Plan You Have in Place

CISOs and other security leaders are tasked with protecting their organizations from cyber attacks. That means developing and implementing the policies, controls, and procedures that reduce risk and ensure the safety of sensitive data. It...


Ticketmaster Breach Highlights Retailers' Dependence on Multitude of Service Providers

Early last month, it was disclosed that Ticketmaster suffered a data breach through a third party service provider as part of a payment card hacking campaign; Ticketmaster was just one of hundreds of victims. The threat actor, Magecart,...


Which Cybersecurity Tasks Should I Prioritize First? Tips from the Experts

Cybersecurity is a multifaceted topic with many constantly evolving variables. For CISOs and other security leaders, just knowing where to begin can be a challenge.


Meet Our Customer Success Team: Tom Barry

Check out this Q&A with a member of BitSight's Customer Success team to learn about his role as a Customer Success Manager, his experience, and more.


Lessons Learned from 3 Major Financial Services Data Breaches

The financial services industry is built on trust. In the past, this trust was physically embodied by heavy bank vaults made from multiple layers of steel. Today, however, attackers and thieves don’t need lock picks to steal from financial...


How Continuous Vendor Monitoring Can Prevent Service Interruptions

On a Friday morning in October 2016, millions of people across North America attempted to visit popular websites including Spotify, Reddit, and the New York Times, only to find that they were inaccessible.


BitSight Competes in Annual Boston Children's Hospital Corporate Cup

On July 12th, eighteen BitSight employees participated in the Boston Children’s Hospital Corporate Cup. This is an annual event where local Boston companies from across all sectors compete against each other for a good cause: raising one...


BitSight Research Highlights Financial Services Security Ratings in the United Kingdom

Over the last several years, cybersecurity regulations (like NYDFS and GDPR) have placed pressure on the financial services industry to build and enforce some of the strongest risk management programs across any industry. These programs...

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