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Credit unions are facing increasing numbers of cyber attacks according to a survey for NAFCU’s October Economic & CU Monitor. This survey found that nearly 84% of respondents were operationally impacted by a local data breach within the...

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What You Can Learn from the JPMorgan Breach

Nick Gagalis | November 6, 2014

Ever since the JPMorgan Chase breach was made public, companies have been watching closely to see the aftermath, the bank's course of action, and any best practices that may be developed as a result.

In this post, I've highlighted some of...

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Data breaches at higher education institutions are becoming more and more common, putting themnear the top of the list of industries most affected by cyber security risks. Hackers target .EDU networks because they tend to be left wide...

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The other day, I received yet another email asking, "How much cyber security is enough?" You probably recognize this message, and see similar phrases on a regular basis. It's a really interesting question and something that a lot of people...

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David Burg, Principal at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, said recently that businesses are moving beyond mere compliance when assessing their security postures. Today’s companies now view outstanding security performance to be a major competitive...

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On June 22, 2014, BitSight CTO and Cofounder Stephen Boyer (@SWBoyer) joined Bob Rudis (@hrbrmstr) and Jay Jacobs (@jayjacobs) on their Data Driven Security Podcast series.  This conversation was long in the works, and something we were...

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As executives and corporate boards are increasingly being called upon to act on cyber security issues, security practitioners need new tools to better communicate performance to upper level management. Benchmarking, a tool used by...

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SEC places security on the board agenda

Tom Turner | June 17, 2014
Comments by Securities and Exchange Commission official, Luis Aguilar, further fueled the debate about the role of the corporate board in addressing cybersecurity risk.  The board already has a risk oversight responsibility, so in theory...
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Companies are spending more and more on IT security. A recent report by Canalys found that the worldwide IT security market will grow 6.6% annually, becoming a $30.1 billion dollar industry by 2017. This increase in spending may have...

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