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BitSight is proud to announce the release of our latest research report, ”BitSight Insights Global View: Revealing Security Metrics Across Major World Economies”. This report looks at the Security Ratings of a random sample of 250...

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File Sharing is Coming to Town

Debbie Umbach | December 24, 2015
You better watch out
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This is a two-part blog post. First, you'll discover the key findings in our latest BitSight Insights report titled “Peer-To-Peer Peril: How Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Impacts Vendor Risk and Security Benchmarking.” In the second part,...

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BitSight’s Annual BitSight Insights Industry Benchmarking Report looked at some of the major SSL vulnerabilities affecting organizations, including Heartbleed, POODLE and FREAK. BitSight’s analysis found that a sizeable number of companies...

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BitSight’s Third Annual BitSight Insights Industry Benchmark Report: Are Energy and Utilities at Risk of a Major Breach? discussed the growing convergence of operational technologies (OT) and information technology (IT). In short, this...

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Today BitSight published our third annual industry benchmarking report: Are Energy and Utilities At Risk of a Major Breach? This report illustrates the latest security performance of the Finance, Federal Government, Retail, Energy and...

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BitSight Insights: Beware the Botnets

Tom Turner | April 9, 2015

Today BitSight published our most recent BitSight Insights report, Beware the Botnets; Botnets Correlated to a Higher Likelihood of a Significant Breach. Within this report BitSight has identified a solid correlation between botnet...

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Assessing the Cyber Risk of Collegiate Athletic Conferences

It is no secret that America's colleges and universities hold a wealth of personal and sensitive information that is frequently targeted by cybercriminals, as evidenced by some...

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Will Healthcare Be the Next Retail?

Sonali Shah | May 28, 2014

Today BitSight released a new BitSight Insights Report. Our objective in publishing these reports is to share findings from analysis conducted on the terabytes of security-incident data we gather on a daily basis. Due to our unique...

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