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BitSight is committed to showing organizations how to implement Security Ratings data throughout their risk and security operations. We have added new features to make it easier for our customers to extract our Security Ratings data to use...

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2015 Information Security Predictions Round-up

Nick Gagalis | December 30, 2014

It's the time of year that every media outlet talks about predictions and resolutions. We've compiled a list of the most interesting and/or relevant information security predictions for 2015 and added a few of our own, courtesy of BitSight...

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How You Can Avoid Becoming the Next Sony

Nick Gagalis | December 16, 2014

As you've heard by now, Sony Pictures suffered a major breach in November, and is still feeling the consequences of it. The FBI warned that other companies could be attacked with similar malware, but that isn't the only reason you should...

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Cyber security in the financial services industry was a hot topic last week.  Below is a round-up of big stories affecting banks and creditors.

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Poodle is Back! TLS Targeted by New Vulnerability

Melissa Stevens | December 9, 2014

Last October the world was alerted to Poodle, a vulnerability on websites and servers running SSL 3.0. Acting as a "man in the middle," would-be attackers could compromise the secure connection between a browser and a website, and inject ...

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The Data Breach is Over... let the Phishing Begin!

Melissa Stevens | November 10, 2014

Last week it was revealed that more than 53 million email addresses were stolen as part of the Home Depot breach discovered last September. Combined with the 76 million email addresses stolen in the JPMC data breach in June, we're talking...

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What You Can Learn from the JPMorgan Breach

Nick Gagalis | November 6, 2014

Ever since the JPMorgan Chase breach was made public, companies have been watching closely to see the aftermath, the bank's course of action, and any best practices that may be developed as a result.

In this post, I've highlighted some of...

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Yesterday, we announced our acquisition of AnubisNetworks, a Security Intelligence company in Portugal. We examine the purchase from both companies' perspectives, get an outside opinion from Network World and explain how the move will...

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The security community is abuzz with the news of the latest vulnerability to sweep the internet.  Early yesterday morning, details about the Bash security bug, also called Shellshock, started to emerge, putting companies on high alert...

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