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Managing Security Risk in Mergers & Acquisitions

Nick Gagalis | January 21, 2015

Every year, companies spend billions of dollars on mergers and acquisitions. (The value of worldwide M&A deals in 2014 totaled $3.5 trillion.) Managing risk throughout the process is an important element of any merger, but there's one area...

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2015 Information Security Predictions Round-up

Nick Gagalis | December 30, 2014

It's the time of year that every media outlet talks about predictions and resolutions. We've compiled a list of the most interesting and/or relevant information security predictions for 2015 and added a few of our own, courtesy of BitSight...

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During last month's FS-ISAC webinar, Home Depot, the SEC and Increasing Board Oversight: Why Metrics Matter More and More, BitSight CTO and Co-Founder Stephen Boyer answered questions from attendees about why using IT security metrics is...

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How CISOs can Earn a Seat in the Boardroom

Nick Gagalis | October 29, 2014

It’s been a slow but sure evolution for the modern-day CISO. When the position made its debut in the corporate world, the CISO was a firefighter, constantly battling security issues as they arose. CISOs were usually hired only after a...

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ISACA and the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) recently released areport emphasizing the board’s role in overseeing security risk management. In particular, the report mentioned management of third party risk, arguing that boards...

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The other day, I received yet another email asking, "How much cyber security is enough?" You probably recognize this message, and see similar phrases on a regular basis. It's a really interesting question and something that a lot of people...

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Over the past few weeks, there have been several discussions on the presence of cyber security in the board room, and the challenges boards are facing when it comes to mitgating security risk.  

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SEC places security on the board agenda

Tom Turner | June 17, 2014
Comments by Securities and Exchange Commission official, Luis Aguilar, further fueled the debate about the role of the corporate board in addressing cybersecurity risk.  The board already has a risk oversight responsibility, so in theory...
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Investors DO Care About Data Breaches

Tom Turner | May 23, 2014

I just read a good article with a controversial title by Eric Chemi in Business Week, "Investors Couldn't Care Less About Data Breaches." Chemi asserts that based on the current stock behavior of eBay and the prior stock activity of...

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