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Do Investors Care About Cybersecurity?

Jake Olcott | May 25, 2016

Given the financial, reputational, and legal harm that can arise from cyber breaches, corporate shareholders and investors are increasingly concerned about the cybersecurity of the companies in their investment portfolio. How will...

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Boards today have a vested interest in the cybersecurity posture of their companies. Because of this, board members are increasingly interested in being briefed on top cybersecurity threats and understanding the countermeasures that should...

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Recent breaches making headlines all share a troubling characteristic. In each breach detailed below, the intrusions of company networks lasted months - or in other cases, even longer than a year. While no company is impervious to a...

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RSA 2015: Emerging Trends in Infosec

Ben Fagan | April 29, 2015

Last week San Francisco became the information security capital of the world for the 2015 RSA Conference. Around 30,000 attendees, mostly security professionals and vendors, descended on the Moscone Center for a week of discussion about...

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Recent reports and surveys show that organizations concentrated greater efforts toward cyber security in 2014 than they have in years past. Furthermore, cyber security has become a greater priority for IT professionals facing a variety of...

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In recent years, the US government has become a leading advocate for continuous monitoring of security threats and vulnerabilities. But how effectively are departments and agencies in implementing these programs? And how do we measure...

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How to Create a Cybersecurity Standard of Care

Jake Olcott | March 18, 2015

There has been a lot of debate recently about the role of senior executives and boards in managing cyber risk. If you’re involved in advising either of these groups today on cybersecurity, I urge you to focus on one thing: tugboats. 

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Monitoring SSL Vulnerabilities in Your Network

Nick Gagalis | February 5, 2015

Microsoft has announced that it is removing SSLv3 support in both Internet Explorer (according to VentureBeat) and Azure Storage (according to Redmond Mag) on Tuesday, February 10. The company is not the first to stop supporting the...

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Almost every day there seems to be another story about the “Internet of Things" (IoT). More and more “things” are being equipped to send and receive information over the internet. It might be fun to have your running shoes connecting to...

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