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BitSight Cyber Risk Monitor

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The BitSight Cyber Risk Monitor for Directors offers unique cyber risk insights into today's market.

Most Directors now realize that cybersecurity is a critical risk to their businesses. Data breaches, ransomware, and operational disruption due to a cyber attack can cause significant financial, legal, and reputational harm. Even poor cybersecurity practices can negatively impact customer and market confidence, resulting in lost business opportunities and declining valuation.

Though cyber risk is a critical issue, Directors face many challenges with current Board reporting and need better data in order to fully execute their corporate duties.

BitSight Cyber Risk Monitor October 2018The Fall 2018 edition of the BitSight Cyber Risk Monitor report provides Directors insights into:

  • Meaningful metrics around company cybersecurity performance
  • Benchmarking comparison to peers/sector
  • National and global trends
  • Global vendor and supplier risk trends

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