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In the latest Security Ledger podcast, we analyze the breach of Deloitte by talking to two people who spend a lot of time judging the security of firms by how they look to the outside world. Also,...

A number of venture funded firms have cropped up offering variations on security ratings and third-party risk management tools in recent years, including firms like BitSight.
Data from the firm BitSight finds a link between outdated web browser and operating system software and headline-grabbing breaches. 
An analysis by BitSight, found around 8% of government systems had the SMB service exploited by the WannaCry worm exposed – one of the highest ratios of exposed systems of any industry. Of...
Researchers at BitSight's Anubis Networks found that Necurs, one of the world’s largest botnets, has added a feature for launching denial of service attacks. 
Data from BitSight found that more than 14,000 Internet domains stopped using managed DNS services from Dyn, the New Hampshire based company, following an October botnet attack on the company.

A study of security readiness by the firm BitSight finds that companies in key sectors including energy, utilities and education are struggling to secure their...

The Security Ledger posted BitSight's infographic conatining recent research about the retail industry. The site also pointed out some of the most interesting points from the study.

"...BitSight operates in the manner of consumer credit rating agencies like Experian and TransUnion: providing a realtime assessment of your riskiness by looking around for external (and objective)...