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BitSight gathers terabytes of data on a daily basis from a variety of global data sources. BitSight performs intensive analysis on all data that goes into our ratings platform to ensure that it is objective, verifiable and actionable.
Breaches matter in today’s world. Whether it is the loss of personally identifiable information, financial records or other forms of data, organizations across the world are tasked with preventing data loss on their own networks, or from vulnerabilities that lie outside their control. Professionals and leaders across multiple industries are turning to BitSight Security Ratings to provide data-driven clarity on the security performance of themselves as well as their vendors, insureds, acquisition targets and more. To make these ratings actionable, BitSight does intensive research to ensure that the ratings can be used to identify real-world security risks. Recent research has shown that BitSight Security Ratings are the only security ratings that are indicative of a publicly disclosed breach. Companies with a rating of 400 or lower are five times more likely to have a breach than those with a rating of 700 or more.


All data added into the BitSight Security Ratings product is meaningful and impactful for risk managers, security professionals and cyber insurance underwriters. Currently, BitSight includes three categories of data in the Security Ratings platform: Events, Diligence and User Behavior.



Botnet Infections
Spam Propagation
Malware Servers
Potentially Exploited
Unsolicited Communications


Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
TLS/SSL Certificates
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM)
TLS/SSL Configuration
Open Ports
Application Security (Beta)
Patching Cadence (Beta)

User Behavior

File Sharing

BitSight processes and assigns this information to specific companies using a proprietary algorithm.

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