Security Ratings for Cyber Insurance

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Cyber Insurance Underwriting, A High Tech, Evolving Discipline?

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A recent brief by advisory firm Novarica found that cyber insurance coverage is in high demand, outstripping the supply of policies available. This leaves insurance carriers with limited resources to sufficiently measure the security posture of a growing pool of applicants. Currently, insurers rely on questionnaires, penetration tests and on-site assessments. While these methods can be effective, they are time consuming, expensive and provide a point in time snapshot of performance. In order to streamline the underwriting application process, insurers need data-driven tools that provide insight into past and current cyber security performance of applicants.


Datasheet: Security Ratings for Cyber Insurance

BitSight Security Ratings for Cyber Insurance are tailored for the insurance industry. BitSight provides objective, data-driven daily ratings of a company's security performance. With easy to understand ratings, insurers can look at historical data, compare a company's security rating against other industry peers and make informed underwriting decisions.

With continuous monitoring of a company's security performance throughout the underwriting process, insurers can see trends and alert applicants of potential threats to their network. Along with understanding risk at an individual company level, insurers have the ability to view and balance their overall risk with detailed portfolio metrics. This automated approach helps insurers prioritize their applicant pools and effectively underwrite coverage by understanding an applicant’s risk level.

Cyber-Insurance-Portfolio-Overview-Screenshot  BitSight’s objective, data driven ratings enable insurers to effectively measure the security performance of a company, all from the outside, based on externally accessible internet data. Insurers are currently using the BitSight Platform to weed out underperforming applicants - enabling underwriters to write a low risk, high yield book of business.
Cyber_Insurance_Dashboard_Screenshot Insurers can create detailed company profiles that track overall risk levels to premium values, giving important portfolio level metrics on Security Ratings in relation to revenue. Insurers use this tool to actively manage their premiums and conduct portfolio analysis to make sure levels of risk align with business objectives.

Portfolio_Overview_Screenshot BitSight requires no hardware or software installation. This web based platform gives insurers the ability to begin analyzing applicants with ease. Underwriters can easily search and add companies into their portfolio, allowing them to gain strategic insights on the cyber security performance of an applicant without permission from the rated company.


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