Security Ratings for Mergers and Acquisitions

Many organizations are overlooking cyber due diligence during mergers and acquisitions due to lack of time and resources. BitSight Security Ratings offer an easy to use, cost effective solution to this issue that can help organizations identify and remediate security risk in target accounts.

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Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) activity is on the rise, with a recent Thomson Reuters report noting a total volume of $3.5 trillion in 2014 alone.  Businesses actively looking to acquire companies are tasked with performing comprehensive due diligence to ensure that a deal will provide ROI for all stakeholders. Yet unlike well documented financial reporting, businesses have trouble gaining visibility into the cyber security performance of an acquisition target. As companies look to innovate and strengthen their organizations through mergers and acquisitions, they need automated tools that enable them to measure security performance throughout the deal lifecycle.

THE SOLUTIONSecurity Ratings for Mergers & Acquisitions

BitSight Security Ratings for Mergers & Acquisitions provide businesses with actionable insight into the security performance of acquisition targets and investments. These objective, data-driven ratings enable companies to understand the historical performance of an M&A target’s security program. In addition, companies can compare a target’s performance against peer companies and industry averages, and use the ratings to prioritize issues and assign resources for deeper analysis.

By continuously monitoring the security of a target from pre-deal screening through the onboarding process, businesses can mitigate the cyber risks involved with an acquisition. In addition, BitSight’s automated solution provides actionable information to security teams as well as key performance metrics to decision makers. By empowering organizations to efficiently incorporate cyber due diligence into the M&A process, BitSight enables organizations to maintain a strategic advantage in negotiations and strategic decisions.

Portfolio_Overview_ScreenshotBitSight Security Ratings for Mergers & Acquisitions allow you to efficiently perform cyber due diligence by gaining actionable intelligence on the security performance of an acquisition target. The BitSight platform gives you the ability to quickly compare an acquisition target against industry averages and peer companies. This platform also provides metrics on observed security events and diligence details, providing security and risk management teams critical information to truly analyze the risk of a potential acquisition.

Demo_Platform_Events_Graph_ScreenshotBitSight Security Ratings allow organizations to conduct intelligent and credible conversations with future or current investments about protecting key information assets. Customers can export and share important details with their acquisition target -- and even provide temporary platform access -- in order to mitigate security risks in the network.  Additionally, ratings can be used to encourage broader discussions about risk transfer, such as cyber insurance, or the adoption of new controls.  


Demo_Platform_Ratings_Details_ScreenshotCustomers can easily communicate with acquisition targets about the Security Ratings platform with a host of onboarding materials provided by BitSight. By communicating to acquisition targets about the outside-in, quantitative assessment approach provided by BitSight, customers can effectively engage in discussions about security performance with acquisition targets.


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