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BitSight Discover for Enterprises automatically reveals fourth party risk by identifying the service providers used by any organization.

How does a vulnerable fourth party service provider impact your supply chain network?

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The Impact Of Fourth Party Networks On Organizations

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Organizations of all sizes and across all industries are increasingly using cloud service providers to manage sensitive data. According to IDG, 72% of organizations have at least one application in the cloud or a portion of their computing infrastructure in the cloud. Protecting this information has become a critical part of risk and compliance initiatives. As third party risk management takes center stage in information security discussions, organizations are starting to pay close attention to fourth party risk.

Pinpointing fourth party connections is impossible for many organizations who rely on questionnaires for this type of data. The flaw in the existing approach is that it only represents a moment- in-time view and relies on the accuracy of the vendor’s responses. Maintaining a current view of these fourth party relationships presents a difficult challenge for vendor risk managers, information systems owners, and chief risk officers everywhere.

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To risk and security personnel who ensure that any new vendor fits into their organization’s business and information security strategy, BitSight Discover for Enterprises is the only vendor discovery solution that instantly highlights potentially risky cloud service providers connected to any vendor. BitSight leverages the most powerful data sources in the world to pinpoint connections between an organization, its vendors, and their vendors’ service providers. In-depth network maps give teams instant visibility into the third and fourth party connections of more than 50,000 companies.


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