BitSight Discover

BitSight Discover leverages the most accurate data sources in the world to identify cyber risk accumulation by automatically pinpointing connections between any organization, its vendors, and its vendors’ service providers.

BitSight Discover is the only vendor discovery solution that instantly highlights single points of failure in your supply chain by uncovering potentially risky service providers connected to any organization. In-depth network maps give teams instant visibility into the third and fourth party connections of more than 50,000 companies. As the vendor ecosystem changes, BitSight Discover identifies new connections to service providers. Actively monitoring these connections empowers teams to manage new risks and stay ahead of emerging threats stemming from service providers with weak security programs. The BitSight Discover Platform can be used by insurance companies for cyber risk aggregation management, or by enterprises that want to identify single points of failure in their supply chain. The solution leverages a simple dashboard with dynamic reports that instantly depict relationships between any company and its service providers.

BitSight was founded by innovative entrepreneurs and successful data security pioneers to transform how organizations evaluate risk and security performance. They had a simple but profound solution: follow the outside-in model employed by consumer credit rating agencies. Companies from 22 industries across 5 different continents use BitSight Technologies to manage risk and uncover security gaps.


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