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A recent survey from the Global Benchmarking Network found that nearly 70% of companies use informal benchmarking processes to measure performance in key business functions such as customer service, human resources and corporate strategy - so why not cyber security performance?

While other corporate functions have embraced benchmarking, risk and security teams have been left in the dark. Existing tools for network security are unable to compare security performance against industry averages and peers. To effectively understand the impact of security programs and communicate changes to key decision makers, companies need tools that provide a quantified and comparative view of cyber security performance over time.

Datasheet: Security Ratings for Benchmarking

BitSight Security Ratings for Benchmarking deliver a continuous, data-driven measure of security performance, giving businesses a quantified baseline and comparative data. These ratings enable organizations to measure the effectiveness of risk mitigation programs, compare performance to industry peers and communicate key indicators to the board [case study].

BitSight continuously analyzes, rates and monitors companies’ security postures with externally accessible data that does not require permission from the rated company. Security Ratings are updated daily and alerts are generated if there are significant changes in your company’s rating. In addition, users gain visibility into a wealth of risk vector data on themselves and peer companies, allowing them to benchmark their performance on a wide set of actionable security metrics.

Demo_Platform_Events_Graph_Screenshot The BitSight Platform provides intelligence on Compromised Systems, Diligence, and User Behavior risk vectors for your company and industry peers. This gives customers the ability to see which infections are targeting peer companies to give them insight into industry specific threats and monitor security implementation performance across their industry. In addition, BitSight provides an actionable Forensics package. This tool shows infections observed on your company’s network and provides detailed specifics (destination URL, destination IP, location, timestamp), arming customers with the information needed to remediate potentially harmful issues.

Demo_Platform_Ratings_Details_Screenshot The BitSight platform provides key performance indicators of a company’s security performance, allowing users to effectively communicate to the board. By showing the board cyber security performance in relation to peers and actionable high level network performance metrics, customers have been able to demonstrate program improvements and advocate for increased cyber security resources.
BitSight requires no installation of hardware or software. This web based platform allows users to login and quickly begin monitoring their security performance with ease. The BitSight platform also makes it easy to integrate security ratings into your existing tools and processes through CSV downloads, polished PDF reports, and an API. 


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